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This page presents to your attention several of the most popular travel companies for searching and booking tours from all tour operators online, as well as a specialized online service through which you can book a vacation with health improvement and treatment in sanatoriums, boarding houses and spa hotels, which undoubtedly increases your the chances of finding a tour is inexpensive . All companies provide an opportunity to buy a tour by installments . All companies offer tours with air travel , but there are exceptions. In this case, you can purchase tickets on the page ...



Almost all of the tours they provide have final prices, but there may be exceptions. Therefore,

take a close look at what your chosen tour includes .
If you see the "instant confirmation" mark, then the
tour is last minute . Tour prices are shown in real time, so don't be surprised if they change unexpectedly. The best offers go to those who subscribed to the notification by filling out the subscription form , similar to airline tickets.
And so, these are the companies:

- - booking rest in sanatoriums , boarding houses and spa hotels .
- - online booking of tours

- Onlinetours - online service for the sale of tours
- - hypermarket of tours


 You decide to relax and decide where to do it. You can choose a vacation at the sea, vacation at a camp site, travel by car and many more different options. All this involves just relaxing on the beach or on the river bank, various entertainment and excursions, extreme and the like. .But you can combine business with pleasure. Just relax in a sanatorium with treatment and spa. The sanatorium can be found on the shores of the Black, Azov, Caspian and other seas. This can be a vacation not only in Russia, but also in other countries: the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. , a specialized online service through which you can book a vacation with health improvement and treatment in sanatoriums, boarding houses and spa hotels, will help in the selection of such a vacation.

  There are more than 600 sanatoriums with direct contracts in the database. All of them are checked by physicians, balneologists.
  You receive online registration of vouchers of any complexity without additional confirmations and approvals. Any changes in travel dates, type of accommodation, composition of guests and cancellation of booking are allowed.




  Onlinetours - a convenient, popular online store selling package tours . Millions of vacation packages that include airline tickets , hotel accommodations , medical insurance and transfers . In stock tours to more than 80 countries with departures from 50 cities of Russia . Prices will pleasantly surprise you! The main directions: Thailand , Greece , Cyprus , Russia , Abkhazia . The service will help with the manufacture of visas , print and deliver documents , offer guides , rent a Go Pro camera. Professional managers will answer any question regarding the selection or purchase of a tour.

Internet service for booking tours Level.Travel is an automated system for finding tours from all reliable tour operators and buying them online, without the participation of a travel agent. The system allows you to buy a tour similar to buying tickets or booking hotels online . system is integrated directly with leading tour operators in Russia , therefore all prices on the site are 100% final and relevant and all tours are available for booking online (without calling to the call center). Thanks to real-time processing of customers' search queries, the system makes available to tourists uniquely low prices for tours to thousands of hotels in Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Seychelles, Hainan and other world resorts. is a search for the most profitable tours . More than 120 tour operators are connected to the project, and Travelata guarantees that these tours can be bought under the most favorable conditions. partners are only the largest and most reliable tour operators , so you can be sure of the quality of the tours offered.

The best prices: the best offers with a price / quality ratio.


 Компания Мультитур работает на российском рынке с 1999 года.   Уверенно входит в тройку лидеров среди компаний, занимающихся внутренним туризмом, обладает репутацией надежной, стремительно развивающейся фирмы. Компания предлагает более 50000 объектов для размещения туристов и более 750 разнообразных экскурсионных программ.

 У компании всегда есть гарантированные блоки мест в отелях на курортах России, Беларуси, Абхазии. Специалисты Мультитур  всегда помогут с размещением, качественным экскурсионным обслуживанием, организацией трансфера, а также решат все возникающие вопросы, в том числе непосредственно на месте отдыха клиентов.

  If you buy a tour without a flight , you can find cheap flights on your own page

  If for some reason you do not want to fly by plane, then you can get to the resorts of Russia or Europe by train. Train tickets look at page

  An alternative to the train is a long-distance bus, tickets for which can be bought at page

  If you are going to relax in the countries of Southeast Asia, then traveling on them is more convenient with local airlines, railways and buses with ferries, tickets for which can be viewed at page