About fraud

How not to fall for the tricks of scammers.

You all know perfectly well that at all times there have been, are and will be a large number of scammers. Moreover, their methods of work are constantly being improved. They also did not bypass the online purchase of air tickets . Therefore, when buying air tickets online, you need to be extremely careful and attentive.

What are the signs that can be used to determine that you are faced with fraud?
one. Very low price of air ticket under various pretexts: they may refer to corporate fares of airlines, which are exclusively presented only with them, to the absence of fees and commissions, to

special contracts with airlines ...
2. Suggestions for buying cheap tickets on social media or on travel forums. In this case, the person interested in the service will most often be invited to communicate in personal correspondence.
3. Asking to transfer money before you receive your itinerary receipt . If she turned out to be fabricated
bathroom, then such a ticket simply will not pass the check with the airline.

4. You are asked to transfer money to an individual's account . Payment methods such as Yandex.Money, Qiwi wallet, PayPal, bank transfer are also questionable. One of the safest payment methods is payment from a card, indicating the CVC security code. Beware of questionable payment receipts sent in inappropriate electronic formats (eg .doc) .


To protect yourself from fraudulent activities with air tickets, you can check the authenticity  
ticket by calling the airline , or on special sites that allow you to check reservations made in some booking systems:
Since there are only 4 main booking systems, this process is not so difficult, but you will surely know that the ticket is real. However, many airlines issue tickets in booking systems that are not presented on the sites above - then it is best to call the airline company. niya .
Check the details of the company that sells you tickets on the
who.is website, which will allow you to get detailed information about the company's website.


If you, nevertheless, fell for the bait of scammers, then immediately contact the police,
providing all evidence of illegal withdrawal of funds: payment receipt, e-ticket,
correspondence (if any), etc. In addition, contact the representatives of the payment system you used (your bank, technical support of the electronic payment service) with a request to cancel the operation, if possible.

   BE Vigilant and buy air tickets and other TREVEL services only on proven services,

what are the sites of the companies presented on the pages   www.turagentonline.com .