Круизы|туристический портал.

Cruises is a specialized real-time booking site for sea and river cruises around the world in Russian.
Cruise House MK company offers booking of world sea and river cruises of the most popular international and Russian cruise companies in a single online service, which is directly connected to the databases of cruise companies.
Unique search allows you to
compare more than 25 thousand cruise itineraries according to numerous parameters, choose a specific cruise route , liner , cabin number and pay online with a plastic card.
Online search also allows the consumer not only
to select cruise , but also independently create a cruise tour : with an air ticket , hotel accommodation before and after the cruise, with excursions and other tourist services.  - another cruise booking service . River travel along the “Golden Ring” , a cruise route to the Russian North “Silver Necklace” with a visit to Valaam , Kizhi , the Solovetsky Islands , expedition cruises along the Yenisei and Lena , Black Sea cruises to the hero cities of the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimean Peninsula, travel along the Northern Sea Route , Baikal cruises , expedition cruise to the North Pole

  Both services offer cruises, flight to port of departure and flight, transfer and hotel cruises. All additional services, of course, increase the cost of the cruise quite significantly. But you can try to find it yourself

cheap flights ,


book a hotel and


transfer .


This will save you money.  

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