How to buy cheap flights

How to buy cheap flights

When looking for tickets, keep in mind that the most expensive tickets on weekends and weekends, Mondays

kam, as well as on pre-holidays and holidays, and the day following them, tk. demand is growing these days. On other days, the price drops, and it becomes possible to buy the cheapest air tickets .

If you understand the pricing of the dollar, then keep in mind - from Tuesday to Wednesday all airlines

revising the cost of tickets at the new dollar rate.
In addition, when booking tickets three months in advance, the price is significantly lower than when ordering a month or

two. I recommend using the subscription form: you will receive e-mail offers on

rather attractive prices, and airlines will be encouraged with various bonuses (in this way they get rid of return tickets, etc.).

This way you can buy air tickets cheap .


Low Price Calendar

To find out the cost of air tickets by month or by day, use the calendar of low prices . Enter

in the upper column, the city or airport of departure. In the next column - either the country, or the city, or the airport of arrival.

Indicate which tickets you need: only there or there and back . If you need tickets only for a direct

flight , then check the corresponding box. If you need return tickets , then use the slider to indicate in how many days you plan to fly back. You will be shown the cheapest plane tickets for the current


Online check-in for the flight

At the airlines there is a very convenient service: online registration. Its main advantage is the independent choice of a seat in the cabin of the aircraft (this does not apply to low-cost airlines ) and there is no need to stand in line for check-in (if the weight of luggage does not exceed the allowance for carriage in the cabin of this airline).
You can make an online registration from your computer or mobile gadget at the airline and the airport with a special terminal. True, not all airports have such terminals; this point
needs to be clarified.
After completing online check-in, you must print your
boarding pass . If it is not possible to
print a ticket, then upon arrival at the airport it can be printed at the terminal or at the check-in counter. If the weight of your luggage complies with the airline's rules for carriage in the cabin, then you can safely go to boarding, bypassing the check-in counter. Agree, this is very convenient.