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The following major cities and airports are located at an acceptable distance from Yekaterinburg , from which, if necessary, you can get to your destination:

- Chelyabinsk, Balandino airport (167 km to Yekaterinburg)

- Tyumen, Roshchino airport (280 km to Yekaterinburg)

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Yekaterinburg is the fourth most populous city (after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk) in Russia, the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk region.  

Yekaterinburg is the administrative center of the Ural Federal District.  

The city is located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains, along the banks of the Iset River. Within the city there are four natural lakes: in the east - Shartash and Maly Shartash, in the north-west - Shuvakish, in the west - Zdohnya.  

The population of the municipality of the city of Yekaterinburg is approximately 1,500,000 people. Yekaterinburg is the third largest transport hub in Russia (after Moscow and St. Petersburg) - 6 federal highways, 7 main railway lines converge here, and an international airport is also located.  

  Intercity and suburban bus service is carried out from the South and North bus stations, as well as from the East and South bus stations.  

Yekaterinburg is a large railway junction . 7 trunk lines converge at the Yekaterinburg junction (to Perm, Tyumen, Kazan, Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Tavda ). Yekaterinburg-Sortirovochny station is the largest in the country in terms of cargo turnover. There is also a unified road traffic control center (DCCC), which monitors and controls all railway operations on the territory of these regions. The Perm - Yekaterinburg - Tyumen section is now part of the main route of the Trans-Siberian Railway .  

The main air gateway to the city is the Koltsovo international airport , the largest and most modern airport in Russia outside the two capitals. The air terminal complex includes three passenger terminals - domestic , international and business aviation , catering, a control tower, two hotels - Liner and Angelo. Another airport in the city, Uktus, serves local lines and business aviation charter flights. Since 1991, the city has the 6th metro in Russia and the 13th in the CIS. There is also a city electric train route connecting the northwestern (Sem Klyuchey microdistrict) and southern (Elizavet microdistrict) parts of Yekaterinburg. Now there are two lines of the Yekaterinburg city electric train - Yekaterinburg-Sortirovochny - Keramik - Sysert and Yekaterinburg-Passenger - Koltsovo (aeroexpress) .  

Yekaterinburg is the fourth largest scientific center in the country after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.  

There are about 50 different museums in the city. Yekaterinburg museums annually participate in the international event " Museum Night ". Operate in the city of Ekaterinburg State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet Academic Theater of Musical Comedy, Drama Theater, "Kolyada-Theater", youth theater, puppet theater, theater "Provincial dances" and other theaters.

There are over 600 historical and cultural monuments in Yekaterinburg, of which 43 are objects of federal significance. The city has the Sverdlovsk Film Studio - the only film studio in Russia outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, filming not only documentaries, but also feature films.  

Yekaterinburg is one of the leading sports centers in Russia. In 2018, Yekaterinburg is one of the Russian cities that hosted the World Cup .  

In 1979 the city was included in the list of historical cities of Russia. In 2002, the UNESCO commission recognized Yekaterinburg as one of the 12 ideal cities in the world . On October 24, 2011, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin approved Yekaterinburg as the official candidate from Russia to host the world exhibition Expo 2020. From June 22 to June 26, 2014, the finals of the 38th ACM ICPC Student World Championship in Sports Programming took place in Yekaterinburg.  

Yekaterinburg is a city that was founded by decree of the first Russian emperor Peter I and in which the last Russian emperor Nicholas II was executed.  

The city has its own semblance of the Guinness Book of Records - "Amazing Yekaterinburg". It contains outstanding events that were committed on the territory of the city or by its citizens anywhere.  

The minor planet Yekaterinburg , discovered on September 22, 1990 by the Belgian astronomer Eric Elst, is named in honor of Yekaterinburg.   Skyscraper "Vysotsky" - officially opened on November 25, 2011, by US and European standards, is the northernmost skyscraper in the world (height 188 meters), as well as the only skyscraper in Russia outside Moscow.

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