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Yaroslavl is a city in Russia, the administrative center of the Yaroslavl region.  

Population - 603,961 people. (2015).  

The city is a transport hub, from which railway lines and highways diverge in the direction of Moscow , Vologda , Rybinsk , Kostroma , Ivanov and Kirov . There is also a river port and an airport in Yaroslavl.  

  The historical center of the city , located at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl rivers , is a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Yaroslavl is traditionally considered one of the main objects of the Golden Ring of Russia . Yaroslavl is a large industrial center . The machine-building industry is represented here by such enterprises as a motor plant (the former Yaroslavl Automobile Plant, in 2016 it will celebrate its centenary), an electric locomotive repair plant, a carriage repair plant, an electric machine-building plant, a shipyard and many others. etc. The oil refining and chemical industries have undergone significant development. In 1932, the world's first synthetic rubber plant (now a research institute) was launched. A large enterprise for the assembly of road equipment of the Japanese company Komatsu was built near the city (opened in June 2010), on September 11, 2012, the construction of a pharmaceutical factory of the Swiss company Nycomed was completed.  

The federal highway M 8 "Kholmogory" Moscow - Yaroslavl - Vologda - Arkhangelsk passes through Yaroslavl, and the road from Yaroslavl to Kostroma is also part of it; Yaroslavl is connected with Rybinsk by the auto-mobile road P 151; from Ivanovo - P 79.  

Intercity bus routes depart from the Yaroslavl bus station . Bus routes connect the city with a significant number of settlements both in the region (including Pereslavl-Zalessky , Rybinsk , Uglich , etc.) and other subjects of the federation ( Moscow , St. Petersburg , Ufa , Kostroma , Kazan , Cherepovets , etc. .).  

The two main railway stations of the city are Yaroslavl-Glavny and Yaroslavl-Moskovsky . Suburban electric trains run to Danilov, Rostov, Aleksandrov, Nerekhta and Kostroma. Suburban locomotive trains run to Rybinsk and Ivanovo. Many long-distance trains, departing from the Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow , also pass through Yaroslavl, in addition, the city is connected with the capital by express trains .  

Having international status, Tunoshna Airport is capable of receiving vessels of various types, up to the An-124 Ruslan and Il-96-300. Since April 18, 2011, Tunoshna has operated regular Dexter air taxi flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg .  

There is a river port in Yaroslavl with an annual cargo turnover of 3.5 million tons. Climatic conditions allow navigation for 6 months a year - from May to October . There is a river station , which accepts cruise ships that make a stop in the city, as well as providing regular flights by "Meteora" and river trams .  

Since 1981, the oldest jazz festival in Russia "Jazz over the Volga" has been held in the city every two years . The International Festival of Music and Bells "Transformation" , the International Volkovsky Theater Festival , the International Competition-Festival of Musical and Artistic Creativity "Open Pages. Yaroslavl " . Since 2006, Yaroslavl has become the site of the annual International Festival of Student and Academic Choirs "Vesnushka" , and since 2008 the city has hosted an annual festival of ideas "Architecture of Movement" aimed at finding directions and concepts for the development of the city in a modern context. In 2010, the Dobrofest rock festival was held for the first time and is still being held today . The venue for the festival is the Levtsovo airfield.

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- Kostroma Airport Kostroma (64 km to Yaroslavl)

-Ivanovo, Ivanovo airport (98 km to Yaroslavl)

- Vologda Airport Vologda (185 km to Yaroslavl)

- Cherepovets Airport Cherepovets (213 km to Yaroslavl)

- Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport (237 km to Yaroslavl)

- Moscow, Zhukovsky airport (251 km to Yaroslavl)

- Moscow, Domodedovo airport (273 km to Yaroslavl)

- Moscow, Vnukovo airport (274 km to Yaroslavl)

- Nizhny Novgorod, Strigino airport (284 km to Yaroslavl)

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