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Tyumen is a city in Russia, the administrative center of the Tyumen region.
Tyumen is located in the south of Western Siberia, on the banks of the Tura River, the left tributary of the Tobol, 205 km from Kurgan, 325 km to Yekaterinburg, 246 km to Tobolsk, 437 km to Chelyabinsk and 678 km from Omsk.

It is a railway junction of the Sverdlovsk railway.

There are two airports in Tyumen:

- m nternational airport "Roshchino" ;

- airport of cargo transportation "Plekhanovo".

The time zone has a constant offset of +2 hours relative to Moscow time.
The population of the city is approximately 730,000 people.

Federal roads pass through Tyumen:
- the Yekaterinburg - Tyumen highway - called the Moscow tract;
- highway Tyumen - Airport (Roshchino);
- the Tyumen - Yalutorovsk - Ishim - Omsk highway is called the Yalutorovsk tract;
- the Tyumen-Khanty-Mansiysk highway, through Tobolsk, Surgut, Nefteyugansk, is called the Tobolsk tract.
Intercity and suburban
bus service is carried out from the bus station of Tyumen.

Tyumen (Roshchino) is an international airport serving Tyumen . Located 13 km west of Tyumen. The official name of the airport is “Roshchino”, the name of the operator of the airport is OJSC “Novaport”. It is the base airport for UTair and Yamal airlines. It has the status of a federal airport.
In 2016, a new, modern terminal with a total area of more than 27 thousand square meters was erected on the site of the old airport building. m.
You can get from the city to the airport (and back) by bus routes: №10, 141.
Buses No. 10 operate in Express mode - they run between the Tyumen bus station, Tyumen railway station and Tyumen (Roshchino) airport.
Bus number 141 - runs between Roshchino airport and Nemtsov square.

  Plekhanovo is an airfield of local air lines in the city of Tyumen. It is the base for UTair (helicopters of various types and An-2 aircraft).
Plekhanovo airport can be reached by city buses 2.41, 96, as well as route taxis 52, 79. Near the airport there is a stop point "2136 km" of the Sverdlovsk railway.

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