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Saratov is a city in the southeast of the European part of Russia, the administrative center of the Saratov region.
Population - 843 460 people (2016).
A large
cultural , economic and educational center of the Volga region. It is one of the twenty largest cities in Russia , not being a city with a million inhabitants.
It is located on the right bank of the
Volgograd reservoir , approximately equidistant from Volgograd (389 km) and Samara (442 km).
Founded as a guard fortress to protect the southern borders of the Russian state in 1590.
Saratov is a multifunctional center with numerous industrial, cultural and educational institutions.

In the historical center there are theaters: opera and ballet (1875), drama (1803), young spectator (1918), conservatory (1912), circus (1876), philharmonic society (1937); museums: Saratov Art Museum named after A.N. Radishchev (1885), Museum of K.A.Fedin (building of the early 18th century), Museum-Estate of Nikolai Chernyshevsky (early 19th century); Trinity Cathedral (late 17th century); a large number of architectural monuments of the late 18th - early 20th centuries of federal and regional significance. The site of the landing of the first cosmonaut in the world Yuri Gagarin , 16 kilometers south of Engels, near the village of Smelovka, is considered a landmark.
Saratov is located at the intersection of main railway and automobile lines, water routes. Federal highways P 228 (Syzran-Saratov-Volgograd), A 144 E 38 AH61 (Saratov-Voronezh-Kursk) and P158 (Saratov-Penza-Saransk-Nizhny Novgorod), as well as P226 ( "Samara-Volgograd"), R 234 ("Saratov-Peschaniy Umet") and R 208 ("Saratov-Sokur") There are entrances to the city from federal highways M 5 and M 6.
Intercity and suburban transportation is carried out by bus transport. Buses depart on routes from the
bus station , Radishchev street, Sennoy market, Volga stadium and from several parking lots in the city.
On the territory of the city there is a passenger railway
station Saratov I , as well as stations Saratov II , Saratov III , Saratov-Port (only freight traffic), Trofimovsky I, Trofimovsky II (only freight traffic), Zhasminnaya, Priykanie, Kokurino (now only freight traffic) , Knyazevka, Oil (only freight transport). In addition to these stations, there are 21 stopping points for electric trains on the territory of Saratov.
Saratov International Airport operates . A project has been developed for transferring the airport from the northern part of the city outside the city limits, to the area of the village of Saburovka.
There is a
river port
(JSC Saratov River Transport Enterprise), the cargo area of which includes five well-equipped mechanized berths connected by an access road to the Saratov-Port railway station. From the river station there are cruise ships to major cities on the Volga and on small ships of local lines to nearby villages (Kosheli, Shumeyka and Sosnovka).
The Sobinovsky Festival is held annually in Saratov . Since 2004, the city has hosted the international television and film festival of documentary melodrama "Saratov Suffering" .

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