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St. Petersburg

The nearest airports to St. Petersburg, which you can use if necessary, are in


- Savonlinna Airport Savonlinna (235 km to St. Petersburg)

- Pskov, airport Kresty   (263 km to St. Petersburg)

- Tartu Airport Tartu (272 km to St. Petersburg)

- Petrozavodsk, Besovets airport (292 km to St. Petersburg)

You can get to these cities by train , bus or car .

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia.
The population of St. Petersburg is approximately 5,000,000 people.
The city is the largest transport hub and transit center in the North-West of Russia, largely due to its favorable location.
The city has one
international airport and two domestic ones; it is planned to build a second international one.
The city has two passenger stations - a
sea and a river .
By water, St. Petersburg is connected with all the Baltic countries; it is also possible to enter the Atlantic Ocean through the North Sea.
12 railway lines diverge from five city stations .
The bus station , on the Obvodny Canal embankment, serves over 161 domestic and international destinations.

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The price of air tickets to St. Petersburg varies significantly depending on the day of the week, month and time of year. Knowing this, you can significantly save on air travel to St. Petersburg . To facilitate this task, I bring to your attention a calendar of low prices for air tickets to St. Petersburg , which reflects the cheapest air tickets to St. Petersburg for the current month . To determine the month with the cheapest price for air tickets to St. Petersburg , switch to the "All months" tab.

If there are no tickets to St. Petersburg from your city, then you should try to find tickets from the nearest city. You can get to it by train


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