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Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is the capital of the Khanh Hoa province in central Vietnam.

Located on the coast of the South China Sea. One of the most popular resorts in Vietnam.
The average annual temperature is 23-26 degrees Celsius. The minimum air temperature in winter is up to 10-13 degrees, but this is rare. The maximum in summer reaches 37 degrees. Typically, temperatures in winter and summer are kept in the range of 22-28 degrees.
The sandy beach of the city is approximately 7 kilometers away. The sand is fine-grained, predominantly yellow in color. The city's beach is municipal, and only small parts of the coast are privately owned.
The nearest airport -
Kam Ranh international airport - is located in the city of Kam Ran, which is 50 kilometers from Nha Trang.
Buses to Nha Trang arrive from Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An. The Nha Trang railway station (Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh line) is located in the northern part of the city near the cathedral. Transfer from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang will last 6-8 hours.
The city has healing springs and mud: there is a mud bath. The city is full of entertainment: restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, discos, massage parlors and beauty salons. A very wide
range of hotels , from one-star to five-star. There are several PADI dive centers for beginners. The main diving sites are located near Honmun Island.
The most unfavorable season for recreation in Nha Trang is from mid-November to mid-February (it is highly likely that waves will interfere with swimming).
The longest sea cable car in the world stretches over the bay of Nha Trang from the city to Honche Island. Cabins for 8 people move 50 m above the sea. There is a
five-star hotel on the island Vinpearl Resort & Spa and its water park, marine aquarium and amusement park. The island is the largest of all the islands in the Nha Trang region.
Conservative tourists will love the resort's other sybaritic pleasures: first-class spa treatments and mud baths, scuba diving and, of course, the appropriate set for relaxation. We are talking about the ancient Cham towers that rise in the middle of the city center, like many centuries ago, bringing their distinctive touch to the general scent of unbridled Nha Trang fun.
What to see :
-the Pognagar cham towers, built during the Cham civilization, between the 7th and 12th centuries, as well as the Long Son Pagoda, erected as early as 193. Behind it, on top of a hill, is a huge stone statue of Buddha sitting on a lotus flower;
-national Oceanographic Museum, Museum. Alexandre Yersin, a French bacteriologist who lived for many years in Vietnam in the Khanh Hoa province;
-Yangbai waterfalls (40 km west of the city), Baho and Magic Spring, Nha Trang Cathedral and Thapba mud baths;
-Aquarium on the island of Chi-Nguyen or "Monkey Island";
-Aquarium on the island of Chi-Nguyen or "Monkey Island";
- you should definitely visit the holy land of Michonne (Michonne was the spiritual center of the Champa state, located in the center of Vietnam for about a thousand years).

Flights to Nha Trang.
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The nearest cities and airports to Nha Trang are:

- Tuy Hoa Airport Tuy Hoa (90 km to Nha Trang)

- Da Lat, Linhang airport (104 km to Nha Trang)

- Buon Ma Thuot, Phungduk Airport (133 km to Nha Trang)

- Quy Nhon, Phukat airport (168 km to Nha Trang)

- Pleiku Airport Pleiku (234 km to Nha Trang)

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