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The city of Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation, the administrative center of the Central Federal District, a hero city.
The population of the city is over 15 million people.
It is the largest transport hub, as well as the political, economic, cultural and scientific center of the country.
The city has three international airports:
Vnukovo (located within the administrative boundaries of Moscow), Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo .
The railway network in Moscow is represented by ten main directions with nine
stations (both suburban and long-distance communication is carried out from eight stations, one station (Savyolovsky) serves only commuter traffic)
River channels connect the capital with the four seas.
There are three river ports: North, South and West.
Most of the cruise passenger ships go from the Northern River Station .
For cargo ships the Southern river port, the Northern river port and the auxiliary Western river port are used.
Moscow is the largest
cultural and tourist center in Europe and the world in general.

Airport online scoreboard Vnukovo (schedule)

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The nearest airports to Moscow

The nearest airports to Moscow, which, if necessary, can be used are:

- Kaluga, Grabtsevo airport (156 km to Moscow)

- Ivanovo airport Ivanovo (244 km from Moscow)

- Yaroslavl Airport Yaroslavl (249 km from Moscow)

You can get to / from these airports to / from Moscow by train ,   bus or,   by renting a car .

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  The procedure for searching , booking and buying air tickets to Moscow is described in detail on the page

Keep in mind that the local time of departure is indicated in the tickets. Therefore, it is necessary to remember the difference in

time in different cities of the country and the world. This will help you stay on track for your flight.

Be careful - ticket prices may be quoted for a round trip , or one way.  

Low Price Calendar
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The price of air tickets to Moscow varies significantly depending on the day of the week, month and time of year. Knowing this, you can significantly save on air travel to Moscow . To facilitate this task, I bring to your attention a calendar of low prices , which reflects the cheapest air tickets to Moscow for the current month . To determine the month with the cheapest price for flights to Moscow , switch to the "All months" tab.

If there are no tickets to Moscow from your city, then you should try to find tickets from the nearest city. You can get to it by train



or bus  

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To buy tickets for a direct flight to Moscow (from Moscow) to the direction you need, just search for tickets for the selected dates. After that, check the box " no transfers ",

as shown in the picture (circled in red). Make sure the other checkboxes are unchecked.

Авиабилеты на прямые рейсы в москву(из Москвы).

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Below are promotions, discounts, special offers from various airlines for flights from different cities, which will allow you to buy tickets to Moscow at the cheapest prices.

Flights from Moscow

If you need air tickets from Moscow to any city in Russia or abroad, then to find cheap air tickets, use one of two methods:

- use the search form presented above, writing in the first column - "Moscow", and in the second - the city ,

airport or country of destination;

- use the low price map below.

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You can search for cheap flights from Moscow below using the map of the best prices . By clicking anywhere on the widget, you will be taken to the map, where you can use various filters to display the necessary air tickets from Moscow .

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Popular flights from Moscow are presented below. By clicking on the required direction, you will be taken to the search form, in which you must indicate: the date of departure, the date of return (if necessary), the number of people (including children) - and click the "Find tickets" button.

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The search for popular air tickets abroad from Moscow is carried out by 728 world airlines, 45 agencies in 5 booking systems, which allows you to buy them cheaply.

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Promotions, discounts, special offers from airlines is a good opportunity to buy the cheapest air tickets from Moscow to various directions of air travel.

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