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 Irkutsk is the administrative center of the Irkutsk region.
  Population - approximately 630,000  people, the sixth largest city in Siberia.
  It is located in Eastern Siberia, on the banks of the Angara, at the confluence of the Irkut River (hence the name of the city), 66 km from Lake Baikal.
  Large scientific and educational center.
  Transport hub on the Trans-Siberian Railway and the federal highway "Baikal" .
  Inbound tourism in Irkutsk is mainly of a transit nature on the way to Baikal . Foreign tourists stay in the city for an average of 1.5-2 days, most of them are travelers from China, Germany and Japan[158]. 70% of the tourist flow falls on the summer season, the peak load is during the Baikal Economic Forum in September.

  The tourist exhibition "Baikal-Tour" is held annually .

  Sanatorium-and-spa treatment is provided by the resort "Angara" , sanatoriums: "Irkut" , pulmonary tuberculosis "Sinyushina Gora" and children's "Snowdrop" . The Taltsy architectural and ethnographic museum is located in the vicinity of the city .
  A 4-lane federal highway "Baikal" M53 passes through the city through the left bank of the Angara  M55  AH6 Novosibirsk - Chita.
  River transport on both sides of the hydroelectric dam on the Angara, which does not have locks, is represented by two river stations: the Raketa station above the dam for sightseeing tours towards Baikal and the river station in the city center for communication along the Angara below the dam. From June to September, passenger boats run regularly to Bratsk and Bolshiye Koty. From the river port on the outskirts of Marat, the East Siberian River Shipping Company carries out passenger transportation along the Baikal basin.
  Irkutsk is a railway junction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the location of the East Siberian Railway. There are two stations in the city - at the Irkutsk-Passenger and Irkutsk-Sortirovochny stations, where all passenger trains stop. The railway station of Irkutsk-Passenger station is an architectural monument. Tourist trains "Circum-Baikal Express" and "Baikal Cruise" depart from the station to travel along the Circum-Baikal Railway from Kultuk station to the final station of Port Baikal.
  Irkutsk Airport has been operating since 1925 (international status since 1954), located within the city, 5 km from the center. From it regular and charter flights are carried out to many cities of Russia, countries of Europe and Asia, as well as to the northern regions of the region.
  The historical and cultural festival "Decembrist Evenings" (since 1985), the all-Russian festival Days of Russian Spirituality and Culture "Shine of Russia" (since 1994), the festival of modern drama named after A. Vampilov (since 1997), the festival of academic music " Stars on Baikal" (since 2004), the international music festival "Jazz on Baikal" (since 2006), the Baikal International Festival of Documentary and Popular Science Films "Man and Nature" , the international festival of blacksmithing "Hephaestus" , the auto tuning festival " BaikalMotorShow " , carnival" We walk together " . There are a circus, a petting zoo, a zoo gallery, a nerpinarium, and a children's railway on Connom Island.










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