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The nearest airports to the city of Adler, which you can use if necessary for

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- Sukhum, Sukhumi airport (115 km to Sochi)

- Krasnodar, Pashkovsky airport (187 km to Sochi)

- Gelendzhik Airport Gelendzhik (198 km to the Sochi)

- Batumi Airport Batumi (245 km to the Sochi)

- Kutaisi Airport Kutaisi (261 km to the Sochi)

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- Stavropol Airport Stavropol (266 km to the Sochi)

- Mineralnye Vody, airport Mineralnye Vody (266 km to Sochi)

- Trabzon Airport Trabzon (272 km to the Sochi)

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Adler is the administrative center of the Adler region, which is part of the resort city of Sochi.
Adler is located at the mouth of the Mzymta River on both its banks and stretches for 17 km along the Black Sea coast, from the left bank of the Kudepsta River to the border with Abkhazia.
Adler includes several microdistricts: Chkalovo, Kurortny Gorodok, Golubye Dali, Chaisovkhoz, Moldovka, Cheryomushki, Yuzhnye kultury, Mirny, Blinovo, Vesyoloye and Imeretinskaya lowland, as well as the nearest settlements of Nizhneshilovsky, Moldovsky and Kudepstinsky rural districts of the Adler region.
In Adler, there is the Olympic Park, in the palaces of which the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi were held.
Adler is a popular Russian summer resort, as well as a venue for major forums and major international events. Adler has a very convenient geographical position, which is why many guests of the city of Sochi stay here; from the center of Adler to the Russian-Abkhaz border about 8 km, to the center of Sochi 25 km, and to the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana a little more than 40 km. You can relax here all year round, but the largest number of tourists come here in the summer to sunbathe on the beaches, swim in the sea, taste the local cuisine and visit the sights.
Main attractions:
- The
Olympic Park is a popular and most visited place in all of Sochi. Major city and international events are held on its territory. Here you can go ice skating in the ice rinks of the Olympics, visit the ice show of Ilya Averbukh , take part in sports and entertainment flash mobs, visit the automobile museum or be a spectator of Formula 1 at Sochi Autodrom . In 2018, the Fisht Olympic Stadium will host the FIFA World Cup.
Sochi Park
- Olympic embankment - it borders almost the entire Imeretinskaya Bay , and along its entire length there are very few noisy cafes and restaurants, which makes it attractive for a long and measured promenade. It is fashionable to ride bicycles, roller skates, etc. along a specially equipped bike path. There are few souvenir shops and bicycle rentals near the waterfront. The beach in the Imereti Lowland is considered very wide with the cleanest sea on the entire Sochi coast.
Temple of the Image of Christ the Savior Not Made by Hands
- Natural ornithological park - located on the territory of the Imeretinskaya lowland and has 15 zones, the entire park is a recreation zone and a specially protected natural area of regional significance.
Mandarin Hall - during the summer holiday season, an interesting theatrical show is shown here.
Park "Southern Cultures" is the most beautiful park in Adler, it contains plants from almost all over the world.
Water park "Amfibius"
- Oceanarium "Sochi Discovery World Aquarium" - the largest oceanarium on the southern coast of Russia.
Dolphinarium "Aquatoria"
- Akhshtyr gorge
and etc.
The climate is very humid, especially along the coast, and is similar to that of Sochi. The maximum precipitation occurs in the winter period of the year, mainly in the form of rain, less often - snow. Winters are warm, summers are hot and humid. Due to the proximity of the sea, high summer temperatures are somewhat adjusted downward and are favorable for nature and humans.
The most popular for recreation in Adler are the following microdistricts: Chkalovo, Kurortny Gorodok, Adler Center, Yuzhnye Kultury, Imeretinskaya Lowland and Sovkhoz Russia.
Adler's sanatoriums offer treatment with Adler silt mud , enriched with hydrogen sulfide from Matsesta water. Treatment with silt mud is recommended for many diseases, mainly of the chronic stage: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, female reproductive system, digestive system, cardiovascular system.
The best way to get around is to use a
taxi and book it in advance, as public transport is overcrowded in summer. For trips to the center of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana is best to use rail connections by train "Swallow", on it you can get to an airport, one of the Olympic Park and Tuapse.
Railway stations:
- "Adler" is the final destination for most of the fast and passenger trains of the southern (Sochi) direction, with the exception of the following further to Abkhazia; the largest transport and passenger hub in Russia, capable of serving up to 20 thousand people per hour.
- "Imereti resort" - Olympic Park railway station.
Stopping points:
- "Izvestia" - a station in Kurortny Gorodok.
- "Olympic Village" - a station near the village of Mirny and the Yuzhnye Kultury park, opposite it the main media center and the Olympic village (resort area Imeretinsky).
In Adler, there is the
Sochi international airport with the Airport railway terminal, the Sochi Imeretinsky seaport , the Adler and Izvestia berths.

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