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- Ulyanovsk, Vostochny airport (152 km to Samara)

- Bugulma Airport Bugulma (213 km to Samara)

- Kazan Airport Kazan (240 km to Samara)

- Naberezhnye Chelny (Nizhnekamsk), Begishevo airport (Naberezhnye Chelny) (261 km to Samara)

- Uralsk Airport Uralsk (278 km to Samara)

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Samara is a large city in the Middle Volga region of Russia, it is the center of the Volga economic region and the Samara region.
Population - about 1 200 000 people.
Located on the left elevated bank of the Volga River opposite the Samarskaya Luka, between the mouths of the Samara and Sok rivers.
A large economic, transport, scientific, educational and cultural center.
Samara has the longest river embankment in Russia and the tallest railway station building in Europe. In addition, the area of them. Kuibyshev is the largest square in Europe.
Samara is a major center for mechanical engineering and metalworking, food, as well as the space and aviation industries.
The city is one of the largest transport hubs in Russia, through which the shortest routes from Central and Western Europe to Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan run.
Through the territory of the region and the city, in particular, there are motorways of national importance:
- "Ural" Moscow - Samara - Ufa - Chelyabinsk. This road is used to transport goods from Europe to the Urals and Siberia;
-Samara - Uralsk - Aktobe - Shymkent. Serves for transport links with the Republic of Kazakhstan and the states of Central Asia.
Intercity and international bus communication is carried out from the Central Bus Station (TsAV, Avrora Street, 207, intersection of Avrora Street and Moscow Highway). The city has a constant direct bus service with such large centers as Moscow, Baku, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Orenburg, Perm, Saratov, Ulyanovsk.
The Samara region is served
by the Kurumoch International Airport , which accepts most types of aircraft. There are regular flights from Kurumoch airport to Moscow (S7, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines), Dubai (Ural Airlines, Flydubai), Almaty (Air Astana), Baku (YutAir) and other cities.
Railway transportation is carried out by the Kuibyshevskaya railway (JSC Russian Railways). Russian Railways by 2018 plan to create a high-speed railway line on the Moscow-Samara section. According to preliminary calculations, the high-speed train Moscow - Samara will develop a speed of 250 km / h and cover this distance in 5 hours.
The Samara river port is the largest transport hub in the Middle Volga region of Russia. The geographical position of the port, bordering on a developed system of railways and highways, makes it possible to provide economically profitable transport links with the Urals, Siberia, Central Asia, the regions of the Center and the North of the European part of Russia. The port also has access to the zones of the Volga-Kama and Volga-Don basins, the Baltic, White, Azov, Black, Caspian and Mediterranean seas.
The Kuibyshev metro has 10 stations (the Alabinskaya station was opened on February 1, 2015), of which 9 are shallow underground and one above ground (Yungorodok station), located on the same line, the length of which is 12.3 km.
Samara is one of the main scientific centers of the country in the space and aviation fields.
In 2018, Samara will host the matches of the FIFA World Cup. A new football stadium "Samara Arena" with a capacity of 44,918 spectators will be built in the city.
At the moment, the
tourist infrastructure in the region is represented quite widely: over 100 hotels, more than 50 sanatoriums, 122 recreation centers, 74 children's health camps. The presence in the region of natural monuments (580 sites), history (3636 sites), religious sites, as well as great cultural and recreational opportunities are a good prerequisite for creating demanded tourist programs.
Samara constantly hosts international festivals, scientific congresses and other social events. Among them, the most famous are:
-Venue of the summit "Russia-EU", sanatorium "Volzhsky Utyos"
-Samara Assembly - an annual congress of cultural and scientific workers. The first assembly was held in the year of the 150th anniversary of the province and is now held annually. The program of the event takes several days in September, during which festivals, seminars, theater and circus performances, concerts, exhibitions are held at various venues of the city.
-International Festival of Arts "Samara Autumn" - a traditional arts festival is held in the building of the Samara Philharmonic in the first half of October. Various performers, groups, choreographic groups, orchestras perform within its framework.
-Rock Festival "Ka4eli" - a music festival held from 2007 to 2010, gave an opportunity for small rock bands to perform along with famous musicians.
-International festival "Cinema for Children" - held since 1995.
-Since 1994, the international festival-laboratory of theaters for children and youth "Golden Turnip" has been held every two years. The SamArt theater is used as the main stage.
-International music festival "Jazz-Spring in Samara" is held every two years in March, on the stage of the Samara Philharmonic Society and at other concert venues.
-Samara Carnival - held since 2001 in August. The peculiarity of the Samara carnival is that it is dedicated to the Volga River and runs along Volzhsky Avenue, which stretches along its bank through the entire historical part of the city. There is a carnival procession and thematic platforms.
-During the Shiryaevskaya Biennale of Contemporary Art, exhibition grounds and streets of the city of Samara are also involved.
-All-Russian festival of art songs named after Valery Grushin - Grushinsky festival ("Grushinka", "Grush") - a song festival that has been regularly held since 1968 in July near Samara. In 2000, it gathered a record number of participants - about 210 thousand people from 139 cities. The city traditionally hosts the final concert of the summer festival and all concerts of the winter Grushinsky.

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