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Rostov-on-Don is a city in the south of the Russian Federation, the administrative center of the Rostov Region and the Southern Federal District. City of Military Glory.
Located on the banks of the Don River, 46 kilometers from the place of its confluence with the Sea of Azov. The city lies for the most part on the right bank of the Don River, on the left bank there are some industrial enterprises and entertainment establishments.
Population - approximately 1 114 806 people.
The city is a large administrative, cultural, scientific, educational, industrial center and the most important transport hub in the South of Russia. Unofficially, Rostov is called the “Gateway to the Caucasus”.
In 2018, Rostov-on-Don will become one of the cities in which the
World Cup will be held.
In this city there is a geographical border between Europe and Asia - the left (southern) bank of the Don belongs to Asia, and the right (northern) one - to Europe.
Rostov has
access to five seas : Azov, Caspian, Black, Baltic and White. On the territory of the city there are springs, small rivers, lakes and reservoirs, among which the largest are: the Northern Reservoir, the Rostov Sea.
Rostov-on-Don - the diocesan center of the Don Metropolitanate, the Rostov and Novocherkassk dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church; here is the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The visiting card of the city is such enterprises as Rostselmash OJSC, Rostvertol OJSC, Baltika-Don OJSC, Donskoy Tabak, Tavr, Yug Rusi, Gloria Jeans, Aston, TagAZ, Donavtovokzal OJSC, Almaz OJSC, Horizont OJSC, Rostov Plant Pribor OJSC.
The city has:
- an
international airport serving flights within Russia and the CIS, as well as international flights to Europe, Africa and Asia;
International seaport , which specializes in the processing of mineral construction, packaged cargo, timber, metal;
-Main and suburban
railway stations , Pervomayskaya station;
-Main and suburban
bus stations ;
-More than twenty bus stations of departure and arrival of suburban and intercity passenger vehicles.
The following routes pass through Rostov-on-Don: the St. Petersburg - Rostov - Caucasus railway route, the navigable route along the rivers from the center of Russia to the Black and Mediterranean Seas, the St. Petersburg - Moscow - Caucasian region air corridor.
In 2011, design work began on the construction of the Southern Hub, the largest international airport in southern Russia. The airport is planned to be commissioned in 2017 near the village of Grushevskaya, 40 km from Rostov-on-Don.
The city has a Rostov circus, a zoo, a botanical garden, Octopus and H2O water parks. The Rostov Dolphinarium was opened in 2009. Favorite vacation spots for Rostovites are the left bank of the Don (also known as Levberdon), where sandy beaches, numerous recreation centers, cafes and restaurants, as well as Green Island on the Don and Kumzhenskaya Grove are located.
There is a children's railway on the territory of the Nikolai Ostrovsky park .
In Rostov-on-Don, as of March 2012, there are about 1000 cultural heritage sites, including 482 architectural monuments (of which 16 are historical and cultural monuments of federal significance), 70 archaeological monuments, 8 largest memorial complexes, 106 monuments art and military glory, about 400 plaques.
There are 10 stadiums in the city, of which "Olymp-2" with a capacity of over 15,480 seats, "SKA SKVO" with a tribune for 27,300 seats. For
the World Cup will be built a new stadium, "Rostov Arena", designed for 45,000 seats.
There is an extreme park "Knaf", specialized for aggressive riding on BMX bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, etc.

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