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Novokuznetsk is a city in the Kemerovo region of Russia.  

Located in the south of Western Siberia, on both banks of the Tom River, in the southern part of the Kemerovo Region. Novokuznetsk is an important economic, transport and cultural center of Siberia.  

Population - 551 253 people (2016).  

Novokuznetsk is one of the largest metallurgical and coal mining centers in the country.  

Novokuznetsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia . The historical center of the city is located in the Kuznetsk district, within the Soviet square, Voskresenskaya (Fortress) mountain, Kuznetsk fortress, Vorstadt ( historical zone "Kuznetsk" ). The administrative center of the city is located in the Central District, in which the historical and architectural zone "Old Center" is allocated.  

  Art. Novokuznetsk is a railway junction of the Kuzbass branch of the West Siberian Railway. Routes to the final points in Moscow , St. Petersburg , Adler , Anapa , Novosibirsk , Kislovodsk , Vladivostok , Barnaul , Tomsk , Abakan and other cities, as well as to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan . Electric trains of increased comfort run on the Novokuznetsk-Novosibirsk route. Electric train routes to the settlements of the Kemerovo region: Artyshta, Belovo, Erunakov, Kiselevsk, Myski, Mezhdurechensk, Prokopyevsk, Tashtagol.  

Air communication with the city is carried out by Spichenkovo airport (flights to Moscow , Novosibirsk , Krasnoyarsk and other cities (in summer: Sochi , Bangkok , Antalya ).  

  Bus station (47 suburban routes). The main direction is north. The rest of the directions are usually suburban. One of the largest bus stations in terms of passenger traffic in the region.  

Novokuznetsk has the Sports Palace of Kuznetsk metallurgists, sports complexes, stadiums, tennis courts, swimming pools, including the 50-meter Zapsibovets swimming pool, horse clubs, ski resorts, including the Virage ski track on Mayakova Gora (in Zavodskoy district) and the Taiga mountain-skiing complex in Listvyagi .  

75 km from the city of Novokuznetsk, in the foothills of the southwestern slopes of the Kuznetsk Alatau , in the valley of the Verkhnyaya Ters River, there is a balneological resort area - Tersinka (Diseases of the stomach and intestines, liver and biliary tract).  

Novokuznetsk is the cultural center of Kuzbass . The city has an extensive network of museums, a drama and puppet theater "Skaz", several theater studios, a municipal chamber choir, a jazz club "Helikon" , a wide library network. The theaters of the city are often visited by troupes from all over Russia, and world-famous jazz stars perform at the Helikon.  

Since 1992, the city has annually held exhibitions within the framework of the Kuzbass Fair on more than 50 topics, including Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Forest. Woodworking ", etc. The key event of the fair is the International specialized exhibition of mining technologies " Coal of Russia and Mining " , one of the largest exhibitions in the world on technologies of underground coal mining.

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At an acceptable distance from Novokuznetsk there are the following major cities and airports, from which, if necessary, you can get to your destination:

- Kemerovo Airport Kemerovo (183 km Novokuznetsk)

- Gorno-Altaisk, the airport of Gorno-Altaisk (217 km Novokuznetsk)

- Barnaul Airport Barnaul (243 km Novokuznetsk)

- Abakan Airport Abakan (285 km Novokuznetsk)

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