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Murmansk is a city in the north-west of Russia, the administrative center of the Murmansk region.  

Population - 301,572 people. (2016).  

Murmansk is the largest city in the world, located beyond the Arctic Circle.

Murmansk is located on the rocky eastern coast of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea. One of the largest ports in Russia.

   May 6, 1985 awarded the title of Hero City .  

The city stretches for more than 20 kilometers along the rocky eastern coast of the Kola Bay, 50 kilometers from the exit to the open sea.  

The main sectors of the Murmansk economy are fishing and fish processing (a fish processing plant is operating), sea transport , ship repair , sea , rail and road transport , metalworking , food processing , marine geology , geological exploration on the shelf of the Arctic seas .  

The backbone of the city's economy is the Murmansk seaport , one of the largest ice-free ports in Russia. The Murmansk port is the home port of the Sedov barque , the largest sailing ship in the world. All Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers are also assigned to the port . The Murmansk port consists of three parts: the Fishing port , the Commercial port and the Passenger port.  

The October railway plays an important role in the city's economy . Despite the development of road and sea transport, most of the goods are transported by rail. The railway in Murmansk is electrified.  

Murmansk is located on the Kola federal highway (M18, St. Petersburg - Norway). In 2005, a bridge across the Kola Bay was opened, which became the longest bridge beyond the Arctic Circle , thanks to which it became easier to get from Murmansk to isolated parts of the city on the western shore of the Kola Bay. Murmansk is also the starting point of the A138 road to Norway and the P12 road to Finland .  

  Murmansk Airport is located in the village of Murmashi , 24 km from the city. There are daily flights from it to Moscow, St. Petersburg, there are also a number of flights to Arkhangelsk, Tromsø (Norway) and Helsinki (Finland).  

Thanks to the Murmansk writers in the capital of the Arctic, on May 24, 1986, the Day of Slavic Culture and Writing was revived, which later became a state holiday. After that, Bulgaria, as a token of gratitude to Murmansk and Murmansk residents, presented the city with a monument to Cyril and Methodius . An exact copy of the monument, which is located at the National Library of Bulgaria, is located at the Murmansk Regional Library. In Murmansk, every year on May 24, a procession takes place along the central streets of the city to the monument to Cyril and Methodius.  

Every year since March 1934, a major sporting event - the Festival of the North - has been held in the Dolina Uyuta sports complex.  

Since 2005, every summer, in the area of the Kola Bridge, the annual sports festival "Murmansk Mile" has been held , which has become one of the visiting cards of Murmansk. The complex of activities includes a sailing regatta, cycling, mini-football on the sand, beach volleyball, skateboarding, paintball, swimming across the Kola Bay and much more. The main event of the sports festival is the athletics run across the bridge at a distance of 1611 meters, the distance of which gave the name to the festival.  

In Murmansk, there are many attractions . There are more than 30 monuments and memorial plates in three districts of the city. The most notable are two memorial complexes: the monument to the defenders of the Soviet Arctic (Murmansk Alyosha) and the sailors who died in peacetime . Murmansk Alyosha is one of the largest monuments in Russia. The largest number of attractions are concentrated in the Oktyabrsky District, on the Five Corners Square and Lenin Avenue. Here is the tallest building in the city - the eighteen- storey hotel "Arktika" , as well as the first monument in Murmansk - a monument to the victims of foreign intervention . Lake Semyonovskoye, in the center of which there is a fountain, has become the heart of the Lenin District. On its shores is the Murmansk Aquarium , the northernmost in the world. The recently built bridge over the Kola Bay and the Church of the Savior on the Waters have become a kind of visiting cards of the city .

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