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Arkhangelsk is a city in the north of the European part of Russia. The administrative center of the Arkhangelsk region.
Population - 350 982 people. (2015).
Located on both banks of the
Northern Dvina and the delta islands, 30-35 km from the confluence of the river into the White Sea. City embankments stretch along the river branches for 35 km.
Since 2009, the city has been bearing the honorary title of the Russian Federation
"City of Military Glory" .
White nights from May 17 to July 26 , when the Sun, although it sets below the horizon, does not fall below 6 °, that is, only civil twilight is observed. During this period, in clear weather, natural illumination allows you to perform any kind of work around the clock and read the newspaper.
Arkhangelsk is one of the
largest transport hubs in the northwest of Russia . A number of important railways and highways converge in the city, there are large sea and river ports.

Airports Vaskovo and Arkhangelsk (Talagi). Vaskovo accepts local flights, located 12 km from the city center in the village of Vaskovo. Arkhangelsk Airport (Talagi) , opened on February 5, 1963, serves federal flights ( Moscow , St. Petersburg , Anapa , Murmansk , Simferopol , Naryan-Mar , Usinsk ) and international regular and charter flights to Turkey (Antalya) , Egypt ( Hurghada , Sharm el Sheikh) , Thailand (Bangkok) , Bulgaria (Burgas) , Norway (Tromso) , Cyprus (Larnaca) , Spain (Barcelona) , Greece (Thessaloniki) and Tunisia (Monastir) . Located 11 km from the city, in Talazhsky Aviagorodok.
Arkhangelsk is an important center for
road transport . It is the penultimate point of the federal highway "Kholmogory" M8 . This is the only road that connects the city with the center of Russia. There is also a highway to St. Petersburg , which passes through Kargopol P1, but it is not a single highway, but several local roads.
There are 3 cargo areas on the territory of the port of Arkhangelsk: the outports of Ekonomiya and Bakaritsa (sea trade port) and the
sea river port (passenger). Through the latter, flights are carried out to the islands within the city, as well as to the Solovetsky Islands and other settlements.
Arkhangelsk is the
final destination and junction of the Northern
Railway . On its territory there are railway stations Arkhangelsk-Gorod, Isakogorka, Bakaritsa, Zharovikha. Direct trains depart to Moscow (fast train No. 015/016, branded train No. 317/318 "Pomorie", fast summer train No. 233/234), St. Petersburg (fast train No. 009/010), Anapa, Adler, Novorossiysk, Minsk, Kotlas, Nyandomu, Karpogory; trailer cars to Murmansk, Yaroslavl, Stavropol, Mineralnye Vody. Railway stations - Arkhangelsk-Gorod and Isakogorka.
Arkhangelsk is the
cultural and historical capital of Pomorie , the center of Pomor culture, northern traditions and history.
The State Museum of Wooden Architecture and Folk Art is located near Arkhangelsk Malye Korely is the largest outdoor collection of wooden architecture monuments in Russia (opened since 1973). A 50-minute flight from Arkhangelsk is a complex of monuments of the Solovetsky Museum-Reserve , which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and in the State Code of Especially Valuable Cultural Heritage Sites of the Peoples of the Russian Federation.
Since 1990, on the week preceding the City Day, the Arkhangelsk Youth Theater has been holding an international
festival of street theaters . Theater groups and artists from different countries come to the city. The whole action takes place mainly on the embankment of the Northern Dvina. Since 2004, the Arkhangelsk Youth Theater has annually held the International Music and Theater Festival "European Spring".
Since June 1984, the International Peace Marathon "Gandwick" has been held annually in Arkhangelsk.
Annually (since 1996) on the ice field of the river. Blacksmiths is holding a traditional
sports and technical festival "Northern Bends" .
Annually (since September 2002) the
Margaritinskaya Fair is held - one of the largest trade events in the North-West of Russia.
Every year in the fall (since January 1995) the
All-Russian rock festival "Belomor-Bugi" is held in Arkhangelsk.
Every year (from 1995 to 1999 and since 2014) the
all-Russian rock festival "Ottepel" is held in Arkhangelsk.
Every year (since 1982) at the end of September - in the first half of October the
International Festival "Days of Jazz" is held ; Since 2005, the April Jazz Theses international festival has been held annually in April .
The International Music Festival "Arkhangelsk Blues" is held annually (since May 2006) .
Every year on Krasnoflotsky Island (since 2012) the
Ostrov rock festival has been held ; since June 2014 on the Krasnoflotsky Island , an open-air rock festival "Most" has been held annually.
Every year (since 2006) the
international accordion festival "Smetanin Meetings" is held , named after the outstanding accordion player, a native of the Arkhangelsk region, Sergei Smetanin.
Annually (since 2012) Arkhangelsk hosts
the Direction-Nord wind music festival .

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