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Playa de las Americas.
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Las Américas, or Playa de las Américas, is the largest resort in the south of Tenerife and the most popular resort on the island.
The coast of Las Americas is administratively divided into two regions, a dry river bed serves as a conditional border between them. The western part is called Costa Adeje, the eastern part is Playa de las Américas.
The island of Tenerife is the only one of all the
Canary Islands where you can fly from Russia with a direct flight: regular charter flights to
Reina Sofia international airport . From the airport to Las Americas about 11 km.
Near Playa de las Américas, in Los Cristianos, there is a
small port , from where ships connect the island of Tenerife with the neighboring islands of Gomera and Gran Canaria. Most sailing excursions also start at this port.
warm tropical climate prevails , the temperature throughout the year ranges from +21 ° C to +30 ° C. The terrain is arid, with little rainfall. In January and February, on this fertile coast, ideal conditions for swimming in the sea and sunbathing.
The resort's eight sandy beaches are protected from the waves by stone barriers and allow you to comfortably swim in the ocean all year round. The beaches on Las Americas are covered with fine black volcanic sand. They are all free, but the beach equipment will cost quite a lot.
The famous
Aqualand water park is located in the heart of Las Americas. Here is the entire range of water attractions for visitors of all ages, plus numerous swimming pools, sunbathing areas, cafes, etc. infrastructure. In 2008, another water park was built - Siam Park , modern, well-equipped.
There are many
discos , clubs and bars for every taste , a lot of shows , as well as nightlife restaurants with a variety of cuisine - both local and foreign. Couples with children and lovers of silence are better off settling in the western part of the resort, which is considered quieter and more respectable.
In Las Americas, the
castle of San Miguel , the Amazonia Park and the Park of the Eagles deserve attention, while in Costa Adeje you should definitely visit the Hells Gorge Nature Reserve and have fun in the Aqualand water park.

Flights to Playa de las Americas.

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