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Agadir is a city in the southwest of Morocco .
The city is located on the Atlantic coast of Africa, near the mouth of the Sousse River. There are many restaurants, hotels and modern cafes on the coast and in the tourist area.
Al Massira Airport is located 28 km south of the city. The bus service between Agadir and the airport is not very convenient (you need to change trains in the neighboring town of Inzegan), so it is better to use auto- buses serving large hotels or take a taxi. The journey from the airport takes 20-30 minutes.
The largest fishing port in the country is located in Agadir. The fishing port, the commercial port and the port for pleasure boats are equipped with a resort complex.
Agadir is a
beach resort on the Atlantic Ocean and the most popular resort in Morocco . People come here to enjoy the sun, swim, surf , play golf , ride horses, visit thalasso centers . The best beach on the entire Atlantic coast of Morocco is located here (the length of the beach strip is 6 km).
Due to the excellent subtropical climate in Agadir, the
weather is favorable for recreation and very comfortable almost all year round. In summer, the bright sun shines here for more than 300 days a year, and the air warms up to + 28 ... + 30 ° C. The water warms up to +18 ... + 21 ° C. Moreover, despite the rather high temperature, the sweltering heat is absent here. In winter, however, the thermometer never drops below +18 ° C, and very little precipitation falls.
The most famous historical building in the city is the
Fort Santa Cruz de Cap de Ge , located on a high hill. During the earthquake, the fort was badly damaged, so only the majestic gates and walls remained from it. Other iconic places of the city are the huge Souk el-Had market , which looks like a real open-air museum, and the colorful Fish Market in the port. Interesting places within the city are the Lubnan Mosque, Municipal Museum, Mohammed V Boulevard, Hope Square, General Kettani Avenue, Bird Valley Park and Olhaos Park with a museum dedicated to the 1960 earthquake. Outside the city, there is an unusually beautiful Souss-Massa Park. Another equally beautiful natural attraction is the Paradise Valley Reserve , which is famous for its marvelous waterfall and magnificent mountain lake.
The resort is very popular with small
fish restaurants serving grilled seafood: sardines, squid, shrimp, lobster, lobster, crayfish and others.
For lovers of
nightlife in Agadir, there are several excellent establishments, for example, Flamingo or Le Central clubs, Le Mirage casino. Well, especially for those who want to combine business with pleasure , a French thalassotherapy center has recently opened at the resort, where everyone is offered health cures, hot baths, mud treatments, a hammam, manual massage, etc.
A fairly large number of buses run around the city, as well as to nearby settlements, and they are quite comfortable and convenient.
A faster and more mobile form of public transport, which does not depend on the timetable, is the
grand-taxi (minibuses) . In this case, the fare is not fixed - it depends directly on the distance of the trip, therefore, it is negotiated in advance.
Since Agadir is a resort town,
it is customary to give small tips (baksheesh) to almost everyone and quite often. Otherwise, the quality of service may deteriorate sharply. In hotels and restaurants, even if the tip is already included in the bill, it is customary to pay an additional 10% of the total cost. Tipping must be given in person directly to the person who served you.

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