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Not far from Anapa there are the following cities and airports from which you can get to your destination:

- Gelendzhik , Gelendzhik airport (66 km)

- Krasnodar , Pashkovsky airport (144 km)

- Simferopol (Crimea), Simferopol airport (262 km)

- Sochi (Adler), Adler airport (264 km)

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Anapa is a city in the south of Russia, the administrative center of the municipal entity "resort city of Anapa" in the west of Krasnodar Territory, a city of military glory.
Anapa is located 1530 km from Moscow, 170 km from Krasnodar, 360 km from Sochi at the junction of the Greater Caucasus and the Taman Peninsula.
The population is approximately 73 410 people.
Resort villages: Verkhnee Dzhemete, Nizhnee Dzhemete, Sukko village, Su-Psekh village, Bolshoy and Maly Utrish villages, Blagoveshchenskaya village, Varvarovka village, Vityazevo village, Tsybanobalka village, Voskresensky farm, Pyatikhatemburka village, farm.
The resort town of Anapa has a developed
infrastructure for recreation and hospitality . A large number of sanatoriums that work all year round, boarding houses, recreation centers, large and small hotels.
The length of the beach is: 42 kilometers of sandy and 12 kilometers of pebble.
There are many attractions in the vicinity of Anapa: African village in Sukko, Utrish Dolphinarium in Bolshoy Utrish, diving clubs and horseback riding.
Anapa has a
large airport , Anapa railway station , a passenger seaport (for small-tonnage pleasure craft), a bus station , and a developed network of highways.
Anapa was chosen as
one of two interchange hubs for a trip on a single ticket of Russian Railways (to Crimea) . At the same time, two routes pass through the city (unlike another interchange hub -
Krasnodar ): a bus-catamaran and a bus-ferry-bus.
A number of all-Russian sports events are held annually in Anapa. Among them is
the windsurfing and kitesurfing festival, traditionally held at the end of September.
Every autumn the film festival of Russia and the CIS countries "Kinoshock" is held. The Sineokaya Anapa children's song and dance festival is held annually.
Various school Olympiads are also held in Anapa. Among them is the All-Russian Olympiad for Schoolchildren in Astronomy.

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