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This page is addressed to those who are interested in not just rest as such, but active rest:

-with visiting various excursions , museums

-with visiting various workshops

-who are interested in individual tours and outdoor activities, various entertainments, competitions .

You can organize all this using the companies presented on the page, which today are leaders on the Internet:

Sputnik8.com - online booking of excursions around the world.

Weatlas.com   - service for booking excursions and entertainment .

Tripster.ru - a service of unusual excursions from local residents.



Sputnik8.com   - A platform for searching and booking excursions and master classes around the world. On the site there are more than 2000 excursions in more than 100 cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, London, Pattaya, Phuket and many others.

The service builds a community of guides: personally interviews everyone and checks each tour, as well as treats travelers no less attentively: the site has a support service and a recommendation system.



  Weatlas.com   - service for booking excursions and entertainment in any city in the world. It offers excursions, entertainment, transfers, tickets to various attractions and museums. All this on one platform!
The service has the best guides, with excellent recommendations, and everyone has checked it. It guarantees you the best experience.

For example, excursions in Paris are given. To search for excursions in other cities of the world, use the search form on the page




Tripster.ru is a service of unusual excursions from local residents, offering more than 1600 excursions in 220 cities of the world. Tours are conducted by people who can interestingly and fascinatingly talk about the most interesting things in their cities - designers, historians, art historians, architects, as well as enthusiastic guides. The quality of excursions is the main priority of the service.

You can search for excursions from the page where a list of all the cities in which it works is presented