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About the site


About the site

Friends! Welcome to our website!

We designed this site to make your life easier. If you got to this site, then there was a need to go on a business trip to another city or country. Perhaps you are going on vacation. Or maybe they just decided to visit relatives or friends who live in another city or country.

The tools presented on this site will allow you to easily solve all the issues related to the upcoming trip, if you have a computer, smartphone or other mobile device connected to the Internet.

The site brings together the most popular and proven travel Internet services in one place . There is no need to scour the Internet to find these services and use them. The tourist portal https: \\ www.turagentonline.com is enough .

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”


What should you pay attention to?

Pay particular attention to the fact that:

- all services on the site are provided in real time;
- commissions for the provision of services are not charged;
- we do not sell travel services, but only direct them to the necessary sites, where there is a search, comparison and purchase of the necessary services;
- all services are provided by the site and our partners in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation on the protection of personal data using SSL certificates;

   More details ...
- payment for travel services on partner sites is made through secure channels used by banking institutions.

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